Just as gymnastic exercise is necessary to keep the body healthy, so is musical exercise necessary to keep the soul healthy; the proper nourishment of the intellect and passions can no more take place without music than the proper functions of the stomach and the blood without exercise. Plato (via itsquoted)

Lamborghini Aventador






i miss paris

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What do you expect, it is fucking Paris!


I need to be here

oh god this place gets me so emotional i love it so damn much 

Surely there is a window from heart to heart:they are not separate and far from each other.Two earthenware lamps are not joined,but their light is mingled as it moves.No lover seeks union without the beloved seeking;but the love of lovers makes the body thin as a bowstring,while the love of loved ones makes them comely and plump.When the lightning of love for the belovedhas shot into this heart, know that there is love in that heart.When love for God has been doubled in your heart,there is no doubt that God has love for you...*..Rumi..*..
If I die I said : Who will speak to You ? of You ?
He smiled : Die, I’ll speak through you ! Rumi (via random-expressions)
Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation. Maulana Jalaludin Rumi (r)  (via galbmumin)

There is another language beyond language,another place beyond heaven and hell.Precious gems come from another mine,the heart draws light from another source...*..Rumi..*..
You can be everything in life but the important thing is to be a good person. Shams Tabrizi (via salamalaikum)

I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.

~ Rumi

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